DER Sonnenschutz für alle Bedingungen / THE sun protection for all conditions

Finally shade on the beach, even in the strong wind

What we were desperately looking for:

  • Sun protection even in strong wind conditions
  • light weight
  • small package size (also for air travel)
  • big shadow
  • longevity
  • easy and fast set up

What existed:

  • Pop up tents
  • beach umbrellas
  • beach canopies
  • All unsuitable for us (kitesurfers) to have reasonable shade on the beach when traveling to windy beaches !

What we offer:

  • Shade suitable for strong winds
  • quick and easy assembly
  • stable even in gusty winds
  • adapts itself to the wind direction
  • can also be used without wind
  • different sizes
  • light weight
  • small pack size (suitcase fit)
  • Sails made from recycled paraglider fabric
  • high standing height
  • free beach or sea view